10 Strongest Gundam Grunt Suits, Ranked


The Mobile Suit Gundam franchise is home to many machines of considerable power. Certain mobile suits, like the Turn A, have planet-destroying weapons, while others, such as the Gundams fielded by Celestial Being, can lay waste to entire armies of less-advanced mobile suits singlehandedly. These mobile suits, however, are typically reserved for the protagonists of their respective series.


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Yes, not everyone gets to pilot an expensive, highly advanced Gundam-type mobile suit. The overwhelming majority of mobile weapons in Gundam are mass-produced, expendable, and inexpensive robots. Referred to as “grunt suits” by fans, these mobile suits of lesser capabilities inspire a certain endearment on account of having the odds stacked against them so frequently.

10 OZ-06MS Leo

The OZ-06MS Leo suit in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Spare a thought for the poor Leo. This mobile suit is disposed of so rapidly in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing that the phrase “It’s a Gundam!” has become a meme among Wing fans on account of it frequently being the final words of a Leo pilot. Needless to say, the Leo has a reputation for being the most thorough of cannon fodder suits.

The reputation is somewhat undeserved, though. Oftentimes in Wing, Leos are pitted against far more advanced machines, especially Gundams, which naturally make them seem weak in comparison. All things considered, the affordability of the Leo and its operational versatility make it an ideal mainstay mobile suit (just as long as they don’t run into any Gundams).

9 MS-06 Zaku II

The MS-06 Zaku II mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam

Notable for being the first combat-specific mobile suit to see mass production in the Earth Sphere, the Zaku II was the secret to the early success of the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. The Zaku was so successful that it revolutionized the future of warfare in the Earth Sphere, making it clear that the mobile suit would be the dominant weapon on the battlefields of the Universal Century.

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The Zaku’s bulky design and primarily ballistic weapons dated it rapidly, but although its combat efficiency may have declined throughout the One Year War, its early battlefield dominance is enough to earn it a spot on this list.

8 MS-09B Dom

The MS-09B Dom mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam Wings

The original Zaku II, while successful, was designed primarily for combat in low-gravity and zero-gravity environments. This made it ideal for operations in and around Earth’s colonies, but less successful when deployed as part of the emerging ground war on Earth itself in UC0079.

The answer to this issue was the Dom, a much heavier mobile suit with superior mobility on the ground, thanks to a hovering capability. While the Dom enjoyed short-term success, its general design philosophy (heavy mobile suits with thick armor) was rapidly becoming outdated, thanks to the proliferation of beam weapons that could penetrate even the Dom’s bulky armor.

7 RGM-79 GM

The RGM-79 GM mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam

Affectionally dubbed the “Jim” by its Federation pilots, the original GM was the first mass-produced mobile suit, fielded by the federation during the One Year War. Despite their reputation for being cannon fodder, the GM was instrumental in turning the tide of the war.

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The GM outclassed its Zeonic counterpart, the Zaku II, in a number of important ways. Its acceleration and general mobility, both on the ground and in space, were superior to most other mobile suits at the time. Additionally, it was equipped with some of the first mass-produced beam weapons in the Earth Sphere, making it surprisingly lethal as a frontline mobile suit.

6 MS-14A Gelgoog

The MS-14A Gelgoog mobile suit in

Despite the early victories enjoyed by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War, the arrival of the Federation’s RX-78 Gundam quickly made it clear to Zeon’s engineers that its superior mobility and weaponry were beginning to render the Zaku II obsolete.

The most successful answer to the Gundam question was the Gelgoog, a mass-production suit specifically designed to match the Gundam’s combat capabilities via the inclusion of superior mobility and beam weapons. While the Gelgoog was a success from a technical perspective (purported to match the Gundam’s combat capabilities), its late introduction to the war means that Zeon didn’t have the pilots or materials to mass-produce the machine in time.

5 RGM-79SP GM Sniper II

The RGM-79SP GM Sniper II mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Essentially a modified version of the original RGM-79, the GM Sniper II was a specialized variant of the Federation’s mainstay mobile suit, designed to dispatch high-priority targets at long range. In addition to being equipped with high-power beam weapons, the GM Sniper II improved on the original GM in terms of armor and mobility.

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The GM Sniper II is also notable for being one of the final variants of the original GM to be fielded during the One Year War. Due to its late introduction, only a handful of these suits were constructed, but many of the advancements they introduced would become standard features for later Federation mobile suits.

4 JMA-0530 Wodom

The JMA-0530 Wodom mobile suit in Turn a Gundam

Despite its unassuming appearance, the Wodom is a formidable presence on any battlefield due to its towering stature, and exceptionally destructive weaponry. One of the primary weapons of the Wodom is a large particle beam, which is shown in Turn A Gundam to be capable of leveling entire city blocks with a single blast.

Due to the opaque nature of Turn A‘s history and timeline, it’s difficult to understand the context of the Wodom’s development and operational history. The mobile suit’s remarkable size and weapons seem to indicate that it was intended for ship-to-ship combat, and its role as the main suit of the Moon’s Dianna Counter forces suggest that it was relatively common at its operational peak.

3 RMS-108 Marasai

The RMS-108 Marasai mobile suit in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Developed by Anaheim Electronics for the Earth Federation’s special forces unit, the Titans, the Marasai was a high-mobility mobile suit fielded during the Gryps Conflict in UC0086. Based on early design principles from Zeon’s mobile suits, the Marasai exemplified the evolving design philosophy of postwar mobile suits.

With the proliferation of beam weaponry that could melt through armor in seconds, priority shifted from armor towards mobility and armament. The Marasai reflects this, being substantially lighter than the Hizack mobile suit that it was designed to replace.

2 SVMS-01 Union Flag

The SVMS-01 Union Flag mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Introduced in 2307 as the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations’ primary combat mobile suit, the Flag is one of Mobile Suit Gundam 00‘s many notable grunt suits, and arguably also the strongest. The Flag’s superior mobility and armament gave it an edge over the bulkier, and slower mobile suits of the era like the MSJ-0611-A Tieren.

The Flag’s already impressive mobility is complemented by a transformation function, which allows the pilot to convert the machine into and out of a flight mode. Flight mode allows the mobile suit to traverse great distances, greatly improving its operational range, and in turn its strategic flexibility.

1 RGM-89 Jegan

The RGM-89 Jegan mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Fans of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn are likely to be fans of the Jegan, and for good reason. Designed as a successor to the Earth Federation’s earlier mainstay mobile suits, there’s a lot of the original GM’s DNA in its much more advanced cousin. Introduced to Earth Sphere battlefields in UC0089, the Jegan quickly emerged as a reliable competitor to the high-mobility mobile suits of the era.

Proof positive of how fearsome the Jegan can be in the hands of a competent pilot can be found in the first episode of Unicorn, where a lone Jegan was able to not only hold its ground against, but nearly defeat a much more advanced adversary: the NZ-666 Kshatriya.

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