Is New Pokémon Snap Worth It?


New Pokémon Snap offers a new region to explore and plenty of new features to play with, but is this Pokémon game worth the full price?


Although New Pokémon Snap is a comparatively short game, some prospective buyers may be wondering if it’s worth the price of other AAA games. While Nintendo isn’t exactly known for its long games, players are still wary of just how quickly New Pokémon Snap can be completed, and if there’s enough content to justify the cost.

New Pokémon Snap, a reimagining of the classic Nintendo 64 game, Pokémon Snap, is a colorful new world for players to explore over and over again. The game is broken down into multiple stages set on the different islands in the Lental region, with each stage having at least two courses. Players are sent out in the NEO-ONE, a self-driving vehicle with a set path through each course. But this game rewards players for touring each course multiple times, while leveling up courses introduces new Pokémon. The new photo ranking system in New Pokémon Snap forces players to replay stages, with a requirement for 4 different photos, all of differing star rankings.

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Fans of other relaxing, simulation games, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or Harvest Moon: One World, will find New Pokémon Snap to be a stimulating addition to their collection. This new installment to the Pokémon universe is of course cute and fun, like many Pokémon titles, but comes with the added benefit of being an exhilarating photography game. The thrill of capturing the perfect shot of fans’ favorite Pokémon, or figuring out how to snap a 4-star photo every time, makes this game well worth the time and money.

Why New Pokémon Snap Is Well Worth The Price

Tyranitar catching apple in mouth

Players who are just looking to complete the main storyline and move on, may feel a little underwhelmed. But for fans that enjoy completing every last challenge, New Pokémon Snap offers plenty of side quests (called Requests in this game) and hidden areas to explore. Requests are certain photos that the Research Lab will ask players to capture, but often with very vague directions, leaving it up to the player to explore the area and find that perfect shot. Some of the shots the Research Lab will ask for will be fairly straight forward, like requesting a shot of Quagsire jumping into the lake, but others may have such vague instructions that the player is left guessing.

Among the many new features, Nintendo has given this latest Pokémon game a surefire way to stay relevant in the form of its extensive photo editing options, including frames and stickers. The ability to edit pictures after they are taken, either in the Re-Snap function where players can adjust the quality of their photos, or with the Edit button found in the Album, players have access to hours of artistic expression. Though the main storyline of New Pokémon Snap is relatively short, this latest addition to the Pokémon franchise is well worth the price.

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