Rick & Morty Writer Confirms Season 7 Work Has Started


Though Rick & Morty season 5 has yet to begin, one of the show’s writers says episodes for season 7 are already being written for Adult Swim.


While Rick & Morty fans are waiting for the premiere of season 5, the show’s writers have already begun work on season 7. Adult Swim renewed the popular series for a whopping 70 episodes in 2018, which will cover an uncertain number of seasons. Rick & Morty season 5 currently has no official release date, but it seems clear that the writers are hard at work creating plenty of future content for fans.

When Rick & Morty premiered in 2013, it took the adult animation world by storm. Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the show received high praise for its successful blend of complex sci-fi plotlines, sharp humor, and heavy thematic content. Rick & Morty has been a key part of the recent renaissance of adult animation, which has included other hit shows like Netflix’s BoJack Horseman and Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. Roiland has since gone on to create the Hulu animated series Solar Opposites, and Harmon is currently in the early stages of developing an original animated series at Fox set in mythical ancient Greece.

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Though Rick & Morty has been around for the better part of a decade, only four seasons have been released due to various production delays. Adult Swim’s massive extension has apparently helped set a clear plan for the future, however, as series writer Alex Rubens recently shared on Twitter that he’s already done work for Rick & Morty season 7. “Am I allowed to say we started writing Rick and Morty Season 7? (If not we didn’t and I’m not),” Rubens wrote. While details on season 5’s release remain uncertain, it’s at least encouraging to hear that so much work is being done on the show.


The quality of Rick & Morty through its first four seasons has been incredibly consistent, which each successive season earning high praise from critics and viewers alike. Though season 4 didn’t make quite the same splash as its predecessors, it still delivered on the fantastic writing and animation fans have come to expect. After Adult Swim’s huge extension it should be interesting to see what the series can achieve with a longer-term story in mind.

Of course, there’s no guarantee more confirmed episodes will translate into a more big-picture plot. Rick & Morty has always been incredibly meta in its humor, and some jokes in season 4 made it clear that the show’s writers are steering clear of any one definitive style. Overall, that should be good news, as Rick & Morty’s freshness and unpredictability are huge parts of what’s made it so successful.

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Source: Alex Rubens

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