Riot Games is Now Hiring For Upcoming MMORPG


Riot Games is officially hiring for its first MMORPG based on League of Legends’ characters and its world of Runeterra that was announced last year.


League of Legends developer Riot Games is now hiring for its upcoming MMORPG. In December of 2020, current VP of IP and entertainment and former World of Warcraft lead designer, Greg Street, announced that he is working on a new MMO based in LoL’s land of Runeterra. This announcement came in the way of a tweet when asked what his current work in League of Legends is.

This new project is in conjunction with the slate of new games and projects that Riot has released or is currently developing based on League and the universe in which its many champions reside. These include virtual card game Legends of Runeterra, upcoming turn-based RPG Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, a fighting game, a lore book and Arcane, an animated series set to release this year. All the projects result from Riot’s dedication to rebuilding its narrative after growing too stagnate for a plethora of years.

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Riot’s official site listing states the company is especially interested in filling roles for engineering, design, UX design, art and production, with a preference toward those with MMO expertise. This posting officially confirms what Street tweeted last year. An excerpt from the site reads:

“No, you’re not dreaming, we’re working on an MMORPG based in the League universe! We know MMOs take a lot of people to create, and we’ll need a pretty big raid team if we want to bring Runeterra to life. That’s where you come in. We’ll periodically post new roles, but right now we don’t have any specific openings on the team—we’re just gearing up for the journey (and need to replace our greens first). If you’re interested in joining, you can submit your information below.”

League Of Legends Squad Up

Riot Games has slowly built its universe of over 150 champions during the last decade and produced some stunning works of art along the way. For years fans have clamored for more than the few cinematics a year that Riot produces. With Riot Forge’s introduction, third-party developers are helping to bring new stories from the mythos of Runeterra. This is a far cry from the original storytelling medium used in the beginnings of League’s growth, with stories limited to the Journal of Justice newspaper comic series. In addition, Riot has several comics developed in collaboration with Marvel, several music videos exploring various regions of Runeterra with numerous famous music artists, and cinematics sourced from popular animation studios.

Valorant, Riot’s new character-driven FPS, has been in the top ten of Twitch since its launch last year, accompanying LoL. The success of Valorant, as well as the new mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift, are a clear indication of the quality that Riot has come to be known for as far as games are concerned. With new champions still being developed for League and new content coming to the company’s other games, expectations are high for this new installment in the LoL universe. One can only imagine what adventures a full MMORPG version of Runeterra will bring.

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League of Legends is available now for download on macOS and PC.

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